About Family Passport

We’re pretty much a normal family

except by most people’s standards, we’re crazy!

We had this dream that “someday” it would be super cool to travel with our family!

18 months later we were doing it!

Here’s what we learned though. 

There aren’t very many resources that are out there to make it easier for you to take your kids on your family on the trips of your lifetime. 

So we are creating them, one by one for you! Starting with the release of our Kids Travel Journal

We also get tons of questions (you might have some of these questions too): 

  • How do you pull your kids out of school for a month?
  • What do you do to make sure they stay ahead of the class instead of lagging behind. 
  • How do you turn the adventures into truly educational experiences that your entire family will remember forever?
  • How much does it cost to do something like this? 
  • Do you sell drugs or are you jobless, how do you take a month away from work each year? (

Want to follow along on the adventures? 

Check out the podcast and blog for Season 1 in Portugal and Paris!

Also coming Soon Season 2 in London, Scotland and Ireland

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