Let’s be honest, our kids have never been the type to sit quietly and eat.

They are a bit messy, loud, and 2 out of the 3 couldn’t stay seated in their chair for 2+ hours during a French multi course meal if their little energetic lives depended on it!

So naturally Alyssa and I realized that we were going to have to find some family restaurants if we had any hope of enjoying the Parisian cuisine and nightlife that didn’t involve staying in the flat every night!

Fortunately we were able to find quite a few that were excited to accommodate the 5 of us rather than look disdainfully and pitifully at us when we showed up at the door.

Here you will find our recommendations for kid friendly restaurants and cafes that also had amazing cuisine or atmosphere. (or both)

Scala – THe Best Bolognese Lasanga I’ve Ever Had

We walked right by this gem of an Italian Restaurant 4 times looking in the window. Each time saying “We have to try this place.”

We were ecstatic when we finally did! It didn’t look like much from the outside but was just down the block and had a trip advisor recomendation on the menu. We got home pretty late one evening and didn’t want  make dinner. We also didn’t have reservation so were a bit unsure how sucessful we would be with finding a place to eat. So tonight was the night.

We arrived right at opening, 7pm. They were welcoming and happy to accomodate a large party with children! We sat near the bar area where they hand made the pizza crust. How cool is that for the kids. They loved seeing him kneed, roll and toss the dough into pizza shape. They had menus in English and the wait staff spoke enough to get what we needed.

There were actually so many things we wanted on the menu it was hard to choose. We ended up with pene in egg plant, tomaotoe cottage cheese sauce, a calzone, pizza and the best lasagana we have ever had. On top of the food tasting excelent, it was reasoanblely priced and portions size was perfect. We were stuffed and there was just a tiny bit of food left with all 5 of us eating 4 entres.

What made this place great other than locacation and food? There was room for the kids to move a little, we had the restaturan to ourselves for the first 30 or so min. Even as it started to fill our children were not disruptive and the wait staff continued to be attentive.

Scala 11 BLVD de Bonne Nouvelle, 75002 Paris France

Reservations: Trip Advisor or Phone: +33 1 42 36 01 30

Neighborhood: Bonne Nouvelle



Scala Paris France - Italian Restaurant
Scala Paris France - Italian Restaurant

La Bonne Cecile – Authentic French Dining + Where we met Gaspard

With an open fire at one end of the eating area, the atmosphere at Le Bonne Cecile is spectacular, it was a combination of comfortably homey along with the pomp of European restuarants.

Like many restaurants in Paris there was upstairs and downstairs seating. If you have a lot of children they may put you upstairs. Don’t worry this is actually a good thing. It’s larger with more room upstairs and it will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

If your children like animals like ours they will love Gaspard, the resident Boston terrier, (pictured to the right) who has the run of the restaurant and is quite friendly with the guests.

Also try the duck with a raspberry sauce, pumpkin soup and the ray (as in manta ray) all were equally delightful.

If you attend this one, make a reservation. This restaurant is rated in top 1% of all restaurants in Paris on Trip advisor and consistently fills up.

Le Bonne Cecile

Reservations: Trip Advisor or Phone: +33 1 42 72 08 92

Neighborhood: République

La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant
La Bonne Cecile Paris France

Cafe Latin – Pub Style European in the Heart of the Latin Quarter


Just off the beaten path in the Latain Quarter is a quaint family friendly little pub style french restatuant. It was not busy and didn’t need reservations (might for evening). We were there between lunch and dinner so got to choose either menu.  Meaing full meal or ale carte entres. 

They start with a basket of bread, with butter! Many places do not offer butter.  If you are famished and need to keep the kids busy while you decide what to order. 

We ordered a meat and cheese assortment!  It had some very yummy traditional dry meat and cheeses. We also tried the queiesh special and a club type sandwich for the kids. We also had a Croque Madame, which is common french sandwich, of hot ham and cheese with a fried egg on top. We also tried the special of the day which was lamb leg and duck casserole, Cassolete au Confit de camad. We would reccomend no matter what restaraunt you try to not be afraid of trying the special of the day! We have not gone wrong with one yet. 

Things we especially liked, it was warm, friendly english speaking wait staff, not to far off the path of the main tourist area of Notre Dame, but far enough to feel parisian! 


Cafe Latin 14 Rue Git-le-Coeur, 75006 Paris 

Reservations: Trip Advisor or Phone: +33 1 46 33 02 06

Neighborhood: Latin Quarter

La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant
La Bonne Cecile Paris France

Corso – Classic italian with a French twist in the Heart of Montmartre

Just of the conner of the Anvers Metro stop across from a lovely park and Saturday market, sits this itailan cafee. We found both italian and cafe style restaraunts lended were happy to accomodate children and allow us to eat family style. We love to share!

The wait staff was friendly and spoke enough english to get through our bad attempt at French. They gaving coloring placemats and supplies for the kids. The meal were relatively inexpensive and really tastey!

We started with assortimento Corso (an appetizer platter of bruschetta, calamari, and mozzarella). It was excellent. We shared spaghetti au fruits de mer (spaghetti with seafood). It had clams, squid,  and prawns on a bed of spaghetti with red sauce.

If you enjoy sea food and don’t mind seeing much of it whole before you eat it, this was wonderful. If not, then this not the dish for you.

Fremagio with sausage, my personal favorite from this meal. We finished with cafee and gelato! The flavors the kids tried were delightful. 

Corso Trudaine 10 Ave Trudaine 75009 Paris, France

Reservations: Trip Advisor or Phone: +33 1 48 78 55 81

Neighborhood: Montemartre

La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant
La Bonne Cecile Paris France

L’Entracte Opera – Amazing view in the heart of the Opera disctrict

Pub style food in the heart of the Opera district. If you can sit outside or on the second floor looking at the Academie Nationale de Musique. We went in a whim. We were cold, wet and hungry. The view made dinner for us. 

We had an amazing waitor who was pacient with the kids and us. We hit just before dinner rush and there was plety of seating. It got busy quickly. We had a big table so the kids had room to move. 

Our dinner was good. Nothing to write home about. We had a burger and the kids each got a meal. The boys got sausage and fries and Mackenzie had spaghetti. The desserts however were far better to speak about. I had the foundat au chocolate, lava cake with whip cream(pictured). Simply amazing. Camden tried pisatchio ice cream that was the best we have had. Kenzie had an apple tart that would rival american apple pie.  Grayson had a nutella crepe that was not the best we have but you can’t really go wrong with a nutella crepe. 

L’Entracte Opera 1 rue Auber 75009 Paris, France

Reservations: Trip Advisor or Phone: +33 1 47 42 26 25

Neighborhood: Opera


La Bonne Cecile Paris France
La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant

Ble Sucre – The Best Chocolate Croissant in Paris (By Far)

Located across the street from yet another local park. It’s small interior maybe a turn off, especially at a busy time, but the trafic moves quickly and the food is to die for!

It was recommended to us by a friend saying they had the best croissants. We wondered how one crousant could be better than another? We now know! They had a perfect buttery crisp on the outside and were soft and flakey on the inside! So good we had to go back another day. 

They had a wide variety of savory and sucree options. We were fortunate enough to be there just as  a batch pain du chocolate came out of the oven.  Our taste buds will never be the same again!!! We also had some amazing sandwiches and noisett creme with marangue.

Even if it’s a trip out of your way, like it was for us, it is worth it! On a nice day take a break in the park across the street and just watch the ever present pidgeons and people walking by.


Ble Sucre, 7 Rue Antoine Vollon 75012 Paris France

Reservations: Not Needed

Phone: +33 1 43 40 77 73

Neighborhood: Metro Stop Ledru- Rollin

La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant
La Bonne Cecile Paris France

Richards Bertrand – Largest and Most Colorful Meringue Ever

An Amazing Patissier!

They had so many decadent items it was hard to choose!

There was a rainbow array of meringue in so many flavors and sizes. This a great place for breakfast or a snack and coffee or chocolate chaud .

Agian a bit off the beaten path in the Latin Quarter not far from Notre Dame. We settled for a little afternoon treat. We had to try a beignet. We have had others since and they do not compare. We also had some amazing dessert bars and almond croissant. We also had a chocolate and vanilla shortbread cookie that was perfect for dipping in coffee or hot chocolate. 


Richard Bertrand 10 rue Lagrange 750025 Paris, France

Reservations: Trip Advisor 

Neighborhood: Latin Quarter


La Bonne Cecile Paris France - European Restaurant
La Bonne Cecile Paris France

If you can get away from the kids…

Visit Le Procope the oldest active restaurant in Paris. Founded in 1686 it serves both modern day cuisine and dishes that were popular back in the late 17th century (the calf’s head casserole comes to mind).

Le Procope 13 rue de I Ancienne Comedie 75006 Paris, France

Trip Advisor or Phone number +33 1 40 46 79 00

Neighborhood: Oden St. Micheal